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Buying a Company | Playbook Advisory

Aspiring entrepreneurs utilize the services of our firm to target privately held companies for purchase using our strategies. Contact Jim Peddle at 312-525-9622.

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Buying a Business Listed for Sale with a Business Broker


Passive or Direct? - Buyer Strategies 

The great majority of buyers come to us and to other business brokers via 3rd party websites such as Bizbuysell or Bizquest. These companies aggregate the great majority of brokers listings, especially for businesses under $1,000,000 in market value or cash flow (SDE), many brokers rely on these websites almost 100% to generate buyer interest. First time buyers may find this source of leads as the best avenue for locating a business to own. However, we have found that a secondary market exists for companies that are not listed for sale on these common websites. Opportunity exists for buyers who would like off market or pocket listings. Good brokers will have access to companies who will take meetings with buyers the broker has vetted. Quite often these are highly cultivated relationships built up over a few years as the sellers begin preparing for the day of sale.

We offer a full service, independent buyer search program for those entrepreneurs who desire to take a targeted, direct approach to buying a business. Our firm will assist you by organizing a targeted engagement and we will handle the research, the cold calling, the preparation and mailing of either letters &/or email campaigns to generate activity. We also can handle the financial review necessary to complete a valuation of the business. Our knowledge can uncover both positive and non-positive balance sheet and income statement issues. 

We offer the following services for Buyers;

Experience & Knowledgeable Business Brokers & Staff

  • IBBA Member
  • Confidentiality  for clients & prospective Sellers
  • Proprietary research, prospecting and targeting of qualified Sellers
  • Reasonable retention agreements & success fees payable at closing
  • Local or nationwide search services to identify the business you are searching to purchase.
  • Assistance with negotiating of Letter of Intents (LOI)
  • Due Diligence assistance including introductions to outside advisory services
  • 3rd party data rooms and secured IT services (SHAREFILE)